Those Insidious Ten Pounds: An Interview with Louise Saxby & Dr. Trish Murray

November 13, 2017

Those Insidious Ten Pounds

An interview with Louise Saxby & Dr. Trish Murray.  

In this podcast, Dr. Trish and Louise discuss Louise's healthy lifestyle journey.

Louise became a team member at T. Murray Wellness Center 2.5 years about and after seeing the improved health of many of her patients, she removed gluten from my diet.  She started to lose those unnecessary pounds readily. Her energy was improved as well. She LEARNED what worked by following elimination processes that helped her determine what was causing the inflammation, weight gain, and energy drain.

Finally, after many attempts and countless meetings and weigh-ins, she is now empowered with the information she needs to fuel her body and her health through her 50’s, 60’s and beyond!